Futuristic: Power Couple

I made it out of high school without having to take Chemistry.  While I never had to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements, I did know that certain elements, when mixed together, could react and sometimes explode - thus the protective goggles!    

Like chemical elements, each one of the 34 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes has an energy and purpose unto itself that can be even more powerful when combined with another.  In everybody's Top 5 Signature Talent Themes, there are ten unique theme pairs.  My most combustible duo is most certainly Ideation (#2) and Futuristic (#3).

Now might be a good time to put on your goggles.    

Ideation is the closest theme StrengthsFinder has to "creativity".  People with this talent theme think outside the box and are fascinated by new ideas and concepts, which come easily to them.  They have a natural sense of innovation that defies conventional thinking.  They enjoy free-thinking experiences and brainstorming sessions and love coming up with something new.

People with Futuristic talents love to peek over the horizon and imagine what tomorrow could or should be.  They usually see the future positively and can energize others with their vision of the future.  Futurists are visionaries who see a brighter future that can inspire them and others to turn dreams into a reality, pushing everyone to new heights.

Alone, Ideation might look like a series of great "in-the-moment" ideas with no element of time attached.  Similarly, on it's own,  Futuristic could look like a a better tomorrow with limited detail.  Together, however, these two talents form a power couple and come to life like Hydrogen + Oxygen.   

It is common for me (as in every day) to not only dream about new ways of doing business, but to also dream of a future where these new concepts have materialized - and in my mind the future is always a better place.

If my Ideation + Futuristic power couple had three best friends, they would be my other Top 5 Signature Talent Themes.  Strategic (my #1) helps me filter through ideas and find the best path to the future.  Positivity (my #4) provides the emotional energy and enthusiasm required to get others to embrace the ideas and journey into the unknown.  Achiever (my #5) provides the internal fire and fortitude required to make my vision a reality.      

Discovering this love-pentagon of Talent Themes and respecting how they drive my actions and contribute to my happiness is really at the heart of my passion and advocacy for StrengthsFinder. 

I encourage you to do a little chemistry of your own.  Take your Top 5 Talent Themes and create 10 separate pairs (1+2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5, 2+3, 2+4, etc.).  Which combination provides you a jolt of energy?  What's your power couple?

If you or someone you work with has either Ideation, Futuristic (or is blessed with both!), here are some ways to channel their power;

* Seek out opportunities to brainstorm about new products and design innovative solutions.  
* Find a mentor to bounce your ideas off of and who will challenge you to explore them further.
* Schedule time to read because other's ideas can become raw materials for your new ideas.
* For more on Ideation, see my archived blog "Starting with Y" from May, 1, 2018    

* Send any articles you find that would be of interest to them.  This stimulates their vision.
* Carve out time every week to put your ideas for the future into writing.  
* Find a colleague with Futuristic talents and set aside time each month to talk about the future.  


Dan is currently serving 20 years to life as the Sr. Director of Destination Experiences at Universal Orlando Resort.  He prefers white-water rapids over data lakes and lists Ideation, Futuristic and Positivity amongst his signature talents.    


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