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Includer: Outside In

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a two-day training called The Outward Mindset.   In a nutshell, people with an inward mindset are self-focused  and people with an outward mindset are  others focused . When you are inward, you see people as objects or vehicles to use.  People often go inward when they are feeling either superior or inferior to others.  Red Flags of being inward include placing blame, being critical, labeling others or feeling victimized. Often times, when you are inward with another person or group of people, they are inward right back at you, which causes a never ending cycle of mistrust and swirl. People who work with an outward mindset are present and interested in every person they interact with.  They naturally want to understand the needs, challenges and objectives of others and will adjust their efforts to be more helpful. In addition to improved collaboration, an outward mindset is also a great approach to use when providing performa

Self-Assurance: An Inner Compass

As of this writing, I have covered 22 of the 34 StrengthsFinder Talent Themes through this "Strengths Zone" blog.  Check them all out in the archives.   The Achiever (#5) in me has vowed to cover all 34 by the end of this year.  By my calculations, I have 16 weeks and 12 more themes to go.  I've got this! Having faith in my ability to reach the goal and deliver before the deadline illustrates the StrengthsFinder Talent Theme Self-Assurance .  This often rare Talent Theme rounds out my Dominant Themes at #10. People with Self-Assurance have confidence not only in their abilities, but also in their judgment.  They have an inner sense of certainty that affirms their direction and decisions.  Leaders with Self-Assurance instill confidence in others by demonstrating initiative in the midst of uncertainty. My blog-writing ritual is rather simple.  First I pick a Talent Theme to bring to life.  I had settled on Self-Assurance late last week as it was the last of my ow

Communication: Talentspotting

Talent Theme envy is a thing.  In the world of StrengthsFinder, there are Signature Themes (your top 5), Dominant Themes (top 10-15) - and then all the rest.  Those Talent Themes at the bottom of your list of 34 are quite accurately described as  "Non-Talents" . Between your Dominant Themes and your "Non-Talents" is a valley called  Responsive Talent Themes . You might call these talents up from the minors from time to time, but they rarely ever develop into true strengths. While I have enthusiastically embraced my Signature and Dominant themes, there is one Talent Theme that lives in "Responsive Valley" that I wish was closer to "downtown".  I am communicating about the Talent Theme Communication (my #19).   People blessed with the Talent Theme Communication generally find it easy to put their thoughts into words.  They like to explain, describe, host and write.  They turn thoughts and actions into stories, images, examples and metaph