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Advancing Through Strengths

One question which is common in coaching sessions with team members looking to progress within the company is whether StrengthsFinder can help them select their ideal profession.  While your top 5 strengths will not identify whether you should be a Marketing Coordinator or a Financial Analyst, they do provide you with filters to help you identify if the next role you are considering will be a good fit.    Here are a few steps you might consider to advance your career using strengths;   Step One:  Claim your Strengths   Naming - or knowing - your top 5 is easy.  "Claiming" your strengths is something different.  To claim your strengths is to know the value they bring to your company, your customers and to your own well-being.  One way to do this is to review your Strengths Insight Report in the Gallup Strengths Center (  This report is written knowing your entire roster of strengths (all 34).  Highlight sentences in each paragraph which