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Getting Engaged

According to 2018 Gallup research, 34% of U.S. workers are "engaged" in their work.  Engagement is measured by employee satisfaction, enthusiasm, involvement and commitment to work and the workplace.   Engagement is very important within organizations.  High levels of engagement typically result in higher profitability and productivity, improved guest satisfaction and lower turnover.  Low engagement leads to complacency, toxicity and a revolving door of employees.   When organizations achieve high levels of employee engagement, their team members themselves become their greatest competitive advantage.   The core of my StrengthsFinder "crusade" has been my belief (Belief #6) that when employees can make a difference in their jobs by applying their natural and unique talents, they will be more fulfilled - or engaged - in their work and workplace.     A deeper look at contributors to engagement shows that the group of leaders who can make or break engagemen

Strengths on Vacation

Your strengths travel with you everywhere - even on vacation at Universal  While the primary application of StrengthsFinder is at work, productive aiming of your natural talents occurs all of the time - including on vacation.  Chris Heinz  recently wrote a blog called "How the 34 Strengths Do Disney".  Inspired by his post, I thought I would see how each StrengthsFinder Talent Theme might manifest themselves on the "Epic Side of Orlando" - at Universal Orlando.  Find your "Top 5" and see if I got it right. Achiever:  You make a list of 25 "must-do" rides, shows and attractions and check them off (physically or mentally) after experiencing them   Activator:  You get a digital advertisement for the Blue Man Group show and book it immediately   Adaptability:  You have a 3 Park 3 Day ticket and wait until you arrive to pick the best weather day for Volcano Bay  Analytical:  You do the math comparing the cost of staying  at Sapphire Falls