Strengths on Vacation

Your strengths travel with you everywhere - even on vacation at Universal 

While the primary application of StrengthsFinder is at work, productive aiming of your natural talents occurs all of the time - including on vacation.  Chris Heinz recently wrote a blog called "How the 34 Strengths Do Disney".  Inspired by his post, I thought I would see how each StrengthsFinder Talent Theme might manifest themselves on the "Epic Side of Orlando" - at Universal Orlando.  Find your "Top 5" and see if I got it right.

Achiever: You make a list of 25 "must-do" rides, shows and attractions and check them off (physically or mentally) after experiencing them  
Activator: You get a digital advertisement for the Blue Man Group show and book it immediately  
Adaptability: You have a 3 Park 3 Day ticket and wait until you arrive to pick the best weather day for Volcano Bay 
Analytical: You do the math comparing the cost of staying  at Sapphire Falls plus purchasing Universal Express Passes or staying at Royal Pacific Resort which includes Universal Express entitlements
Arranger: You piece together the perfect Universal Orlando vacation beginning to end 
Belief: You realize that family memories will last long after you pay for the vacation
Command: You decide - yes we are taking advantage of Early Park Admission and you make sure everyone is up and out on time 
Communication: You purchase a My Universal Photos package and post the best images on social media to tell the story of your vacation 
Competition: You get to Volcano Bay early and race to snag the perfect lounge chairs on Waturi Beach  
Connectedness: You read the hometowns listed on the ride attendant nametags and connect with them through personal experiences or connections in those same towns or states  
Consistency: You make sure you are back at the airport 3 hours before your flight time because that is what your airline recommended 
Context: You research the relevance of the Lew Wasserman statue in the New York section of Universal Studios
Deliberative: You call the Universal Orlando Guest Contact Center (several times) to make sure the decisions you are making about your upcoming vacation are perfect 
Developer: You let your kids browse the map of Volcano Bay within the Universal Orlando APP and have them chart a desired path 
Discipline: You enjoy a shake from Toothsome Chocolate Emporium knowing exactly how many steps will be required to burn off those calories  
Empathy: You notice when someone seems tired and offer your seat on the shuttle bus 
Focus: You are not distracted by the projection show on the castle and proceed with your plan to ride Forbidden Journey 
Futuristic: Your vacation has just started and you are dreaming about coming back for Halloween Horror Nights and staying at the new Surfside Inn & Suites 
Harmony: You help everyone to agree on where to go to lunch 
Ideation: You think that using interactive wands to turn on the lights in your hotel room would be an amazing concept 
Includer: You keep company with the one member of your family who does not ride coasters
Individualization: You find the perfect souvenir for that Minion-crazed coworker of yours
Input: You collect every map available 
Intellection: You stick to your exercise routine in the hotel gym; alone time is when you do your best thinking  
Learner: You prepare for your trip by pouring through travel guides and videos 
Maximizer: You upgrade your ticket to include Universal Express 
Positivity: You know the predictable afternoon showers in the summer will cool everything off and make the rest of the day even more enjoyable  
Relator: You invite a friend who is equally as passionate about Harry Potter to join you on your vacation 
Responsibility: You promised the family a box of Voodoo Doughnuts and are not deterred by the line 
Restorative: You notice a person is motioning their interactive wand in the wrong direction and help them make the right correction 
Self-Assurance: You know you made the right decision to book your vacation package 
Significance: You book a vacation inclusive of a local volunteer experience at Give Kids the World
Strategic: You cut through the Quiet Flight store on your way to the Universal Studios entrance  
Woo: You talk to strangers all around the resort  

I am currently serving 20 years to life as the Sr. Director of Destination Experiences at Universal Orlando Resort.  I'm an optimistic pace-setter fascinated by tomorrow.  In any situation, you can count on me to think outside the box and find the best way forward.  I prefer white-water rapids over data lakes and include Ideation, Futuristic and Positivity amongst my signature talents.    Find me on Twitter @dpddonovan and Instagram @strengthszone  


  1. I love this article Dan and now taking the class understanding my Top 5 better, I must confess you hit the nail on the head.


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