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Vision Test

Like many good insurance plans, mine covers a once-a-year vision exam.  My cadence for this visit over the past few years has been to schedule it the last week of the year - easy to remember and just before the benefit expires.   The standard eye test inevitably has you looking through an instrument called a phoropter   (also called a retractor).  This is the binocular looking device that you peer through as you read the eye chart and make super quick life-altering choices on visual clarity (my Deliberative friends must find this stressful).     During my past few visits, my  Futuristic (#3)  has made an entrance by quizzing down the Optometrist Assistant about the seemingly antiquated instrument.  I seem to recall looking through this same exact measurement tool in 1968.  Surely with the technology of today, there would be an easier way to test our vision vs. a machine that was patented in 1921?   Perhaps an APP for that? The answer has been the same.  The phoropter used to