Vision Test

Like many good insurance plans, mine covers a once-a-year vision exam.  My cadence for this visit over the past few years has been to schedule it the last week of the year - easy to remember and just before the benefit expires.  

The standard eye test inevitably has you looking through an instrument called a phoropter  (also called a retractor).  This is the binocular looking device that you peer through as you read the eye chart and make super quick life-altering choices on visual clarity (my Deliberative friends must find this stressful).    

During my past few visits, my Futuristic (#3) has made an entrance by quizzing down the Optometrist Assistant about the seemingly antiquated instrument.  I seem to recall looking through this same exact measurement tool in 1968.  Surely with the technology of today, there would be an easier way to test our vision vs. a machine that was patented in 1921?  Perhaps an APP for that?

The answer has been the same.  The phoropter used to test how how past generations saw the world, is still the tool of choice to measure our visual filters today.         

We all see the world through unique filters.  For example, color is reflected through 3 cone cells in our retinas.  The size of these cones varies greatly from person to person, which impacts how they filter light.  This results in you seeing shades of color which are slightly different than the colors others see. 

Just as the Phoropter identifies and measures how you filter the world physiologically, Clifton StrengthsFinder helps to identify and measure how you filter the world psychologically.    

While not nearly as old as our great-great Grandfather's phoropter, StrenghtsFinder 2.0 is based on on decades of research.  

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment is rooted in the study of how over 2 million professionals achieved excellence.  Talent traits were exhumed from the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of these examined professionals, resulting in 34 over-arching talent themes.  

Imagine if the phoropter vision exam included 180 visual pairings requiring you to decide which of the two items was more brilliant than the other.  Based on your answers, the doctor would provide you a customized prescription to help you navigate the world and see it more clearly.  

Through the 180 item pairings featured in the StrengthsFinder assessment, you are getting a prescription to become the best version of yourself.  Like getting a pair of glasses, your prescription is unique to you.  Only 1 in 33 million people in the world have the same "vision" - lineup of Top 5 talent themes.   

Your unique prescription of talent themes help you to see yourself more clearly and define your most likely path towards professional and personal success and happiness.

It is important to highlight that your vision is different than the vision of others.  Have you ever tried on someone else's glasses? Kind of blurry, right?  Respecting that everyone sees the world differently - both physiologically and psychologically - is a giant leap to improve inclusion, cooperation, productivity and well-being at work and at home.    


I bring a contagious energy and enthusiasm to work every day (Positivity #4).  I approach projects with creativity and originality (Ideation #2).  I contribute a forward looking focus (Futuristic #3) and a willingness to to consider all possibilities (Strategic #1). You can count on me to work hard with intensity and stamina (Achiever #5).  



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