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A Patchwork of Strengths

The 4 Domains of Strengths Being an Achiever (#5), I keep myself busy and productive inside and outside of work.  One of my external activities is serving as a Board Member with The Florida Attractions Association .  This organization has been promoting and protecting the interests of Florida's attraction industry for over 70 years. At a board meeting earlier this year, the President of the association was soliciting volunteers to assist with the silent auction, which would take place at our mid-year annual conference.  Given my constant need for attainment (did I mention I was an Achiever?), I signed up for the challenge.     Just as I squeezed this project onto my overflowing plate, I overheard one of my peers on the Board talking about making a quilt for a friend.  That was the inciting incident - the moment that set everything into action and would result in something beautiful ninety days later. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I learned about t