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How the 34 Strengths Deal with Change

By Chris Heinz  While change is inevitable, each of the 34 strengths deals with change in a different way. Some rush in, some hold back, some bring others along. The key to great change management is utilizing the strengths in a positive way. Here are starter ideas on how the strengths deal with change. At the end of the list, you can come up with your own ideas. Starter Ideas Achiever®: Doesn't want to be slowed down; show how the change will make them more productive Activator®: Able to act on change quickly; eager to move so give timeline Adaptability®: Flexible and adaptable; can create confidence that the change will be okay Analytical®: Needs to understand the causes and reasons for the change; give time to consider the factors Arranger®: Can handle change well, but needs to understand the impact on all the moving parts they are juggling Belief®: Can be stubborn if change interferes with personal or organizational values; show how change aligns with values

Strengths to the Rescue

Lean into your strengths to manage through uncertainty and complexity The times are rather stressful.  As I write this post, Coronavirus has become a pandemic, the stock market is plunging and the industry in which I have invested my life, hospitality, is suffering losses and instability.  It does not help that we are overly connected with texts, tweets and e-mails flying at us at break-neck speed. My Futuristic (#3) and Positivity (#4) are already reminding me that everything will be fine when I look back on this particular blog a few months from now - but for now, things are unpredictable. On my way home tonight, I decided to stop at some of the ticketing locations my department manages at hotels at Universal Orlando Resort.  I always gain energy after visiting with our Team Members and thoroughly enjoy our dialogue.   During this visit, I wanted to make myself available to answer any questions the team might have about the current state of our business (and the world).