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Aiming Outward

  Last year, my organization invested in training to help leaders focus on collaboration and become more others focused .  The workshops and resources, designed by the Arbinger Institute , inform us to become responsible for doing our own jobs well while considering the needs, objectives and challenges of others - realizing that their jobs contribute to our collective success.   Arbinger defines mindset as the lens through which we see our work, our relationships and our world.  They identify two types of mindsets; inward and outward .  An inward mindset is self-focused; we see others as objects through which we can achieve our personal goals. On the flip-side, when looking at the world with an outward mindset, we now see others as people who matter to us and we naturally want to adjust our efforts to be helpful. Spoiler alert - it is better to be outward than inward .   As a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, I have been on a parallel journey within my organization helping Team Membe