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Making a Difference

  How does your role make a difference?   This is a powerful question which I have started to ask when I am connecting with employees about their progress and potential.  Research has proven that people who feel they are making a difference at work have higher levels of engagement and greater overall wellbeing.    Gallup recently identified that nearly 50% of America's working population are actively searching for jobs and watching out for new opportunities.  Gallup re-framed the current societal  "Great Resignation" into the  "Great Discontent" .  Their data supports that the rise in resignations is not an industry, role or pay issue - it is a discontent with the workplace issue.   While it takes more than a 20% increase in salary to lure away an engaged employee, it takes next to nothing to poach a disengaged worker.    Maslow's famous human needs model places esteem and self-actualization at the top of the pyramid.  In the workplace, esteem aligns with